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Auckland Festival of Photography 2019 programme announced

Images of deer lighting up Auckland’s CBD


Images of deer lighting up Auckland’s CBD, an exhibition designed to counter Islamophobia and extremism, and photojournalism on the Venezuela crisis are among the offerings in 2019’s Auckland Festival of Photography (31 May-16 June).

The 16th regional festival packs in more than 100 events and exhibitions in just 17 days, including diverse Satellite shows across Auckland and Nikon Auckland Photo Day on Saturday 8 June.  As well as Core exhibitions showcasing leading New Zealand-based photographers – including Fiona Pardington and Vincent Ward – with all exhibiting New Zealand photographers eligible to enter the 2019 Mazda Award, with the theme "Beauty by Subtraction”.

Julia Durkin, AFP director:

“Audiences for the annual Auckland Festival of Photography continue to increase. The Festival has embraced the margins of our communities, reflecting a broad diversity of imagery, by providing free access to high-quality New Zealand and international work that is relevant to today’s visual conversations and some of which address issues we need to consider.”

AFP 2019 launches on 30 May with new work by Yvonne Shaw – this year’s recipient of the AFP’s 9th Annual Commission – on show at Silo 6 as part of AFP’s Fissure exhibitions, curated by Jessica Lim, that feature still and moving image work by leading artists and collectives from Asia and beyond.

Jessica Lim (based in Cambodia) curator on Fissure (Silo 6, 30 May-16 June) Attending the Festival.

"The notion of a divide or a chasm, no matter how narrow, has a tendency for negative connotations. In exploring this year’s festival theme of ‘Fissure’, I’ve looked at the gaps and spaces that concern us, both within and without, some real but mostly imaginary. I’ve done so with the understanding that light emanates from darkness, and the very same thing that can swallow you can also be the thing that you emerge from. In selecting the works I’ve looked at Southeast Asian visual artists with strong photographic backgrounds who have expanded their practice with an exploration of time-based works."

Talking Culture by Leica kicks off on 31 May with Photobook Friday, followed by a weekend of presentations including photojournalist Alejandro Cegarra, a finalist for World Press Photo this year for his Living with Hugo Chevaz Legacy. Photographers can get expert feedback at Portfolio Reviews on 3 June (bookings essential) and capture images of their region on June 8, Nikon Auckland Photo Day, the country’s biggest 24 hour photo shoot by hundreds of Auckland based public, artists, amateurs, students and professionals.

Alejandro Cegarra (Venezuela) on Living with Hugo Chevaz Legacy (2 June)

Attending the Festival Thanks to Leica NZ

"It happens every day, as sure as the sun rises over the biggest favela in Latin America in Caracas — death is one of the few guaranteed things you can find in Venezuela."

Yoko ISHII (Japan) on Deer Planet (29 May-18 June)

Attending the Festival Thanks to Asia NZ Foundation

"Like all animals, deer require sustenance, companionship and the ability to contribute to the future of their species. Unlike most wild animals, however, there are deer that live freely in the midtown section of the ancient capital Nara in Japan. Inside these arbitrary boundaries created by man, the deer are beloved and treated as if they were domesticated animals. Outside of these boundaries, they are killed as destructive animals and unknowingly go beyond the borders with a spring in their step.”

Shahidul Alam (Bangladesh) on Embracing the Other (1-8 June)

“The idea of this exhibition is to both remind the religious that Islam endorses a much more inclusive culture than is practiced either within or outside mosques, and remind secularists that religion was designed as a force for social cohesion, rather than division.”

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Auckland Festival of Photography Trust

4 Apr 2019

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