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In search of the Moehau—documentary in the works

Hunter/farmer Clint talks about his shocking encounters
Interview with Northland hunter talks of the Moehaus


This is a work in progress. I decided to release this interview as a heads up to the creative sector. Around the world in various cultures, a relic hominid is reportedly roaming wild mountain areas. New Zealand has its stories of strange wild men. Are they real or just imagination? Known as the moehau, after the Mt. Moehau range area where there have been a number of sightings. Also reports of them elsewhere in the country called maeroero, rapuwai, etc. Modern witnesses almost never speak to the media though I have been contacted by dozens of witnesses in recent years, some even working for the government, on the job. I decided to investigate because of my own strange interactions in deep bush off track. 

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Marc Coppell

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Marc Coppell

25 Nov 2021