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NZ Artist Alex Miln Unveils New Collection At Soul Gallery In Hamilton

Shell Bay by Alex Miln
Four new pieces by award-winning NZ Artist Alex Miln are now on display at Soul Gallery In Hamilton


Award-winning Papamoa based artist Alex Miln, who was shortlisted as a finalist in the prestigious The Miles Art Awards 2022 for his piece, ‘Bel Air’, a metaphor for the ‘American Dream’, has unveiled a collection of four new art pieces, now on show at Soul Gallery in Hamilton.

Pieces within the collection include ‘Shell Bay’, ‘Pegasus’, ‘Futura’ and ‘Miami’.

Shell Bay

Alex says about this piece, “Trends come and go and it's the same with holiday destinations. What might have been a hot destination in the 50s and 60s, has now been bypassed for something new that's perceived to be better. I like taking well known iconic brands (such as the iconic Shell Motor Oil shell) and reconfiguring it to give it a new life and meaning of its own.


Alex says about this piece, “The Pegasus Motor Spirit sign used to be a common sight on any major highway in America. The logo was adopted by Mobilegas as its official trademark in 1931. In 1968, Mobile adopted Pegasus service stations. The symbol is still used today by ExxonMobile, and vintage Pegasus signs are highly sought after by automobile enthusiasts, making it one of the most recognised logos in American petroleum history.

I am captivated by the Pegasus symbol as despite many American highways becoming obsolete to make way for modern interstates, the Pegasus, which remains in some places, is in some ways a symbol for despair as the old makes way for the new.


Alex says about this piece, “Futura is seen as a symbol of the future, innovation, hope and prosperity. But often things that are modern and new (such as a new interstate cutting through rural countryside) are not necessarily better, and with this change witnesses the springing up of generic, corporate hotels, which blight the landscape.”


Alex says about this piece, “I’ve always loved the way the exotic was interspersed amongst the un-exotic, such as the vast wilderness, a desert, or an uninhabited industrial wasteland. The Miami Motel was a place to seek refuge in the exotic, if only for a night.

Alex Miln said about his collection at Soul Gallery, “I’m thrilled to be able to show my work at Soul Gallery, which is renowned for showcasing the best of NZ made art and design. I hope that people enjoy the pieces I’ve created, and I’d like to think that I’m bringing a bit of Americana to Hamilton.”

Lisa Voigt, owner of Soul Gallery said, “We are delighted to have his work here and to be able to showcase it to the people of Waikato, while also promoting it to the world. As soon as I saw his work, I fell instantly in love with it, and I knew it would be the perfect fit for Soul Gallery.”

Alex is renowned for his complex and provocative 3D sculptural art pieces, many of which take over 1,000 hours to complete, and all of which combine a clever play on form, function and medium with a dash of satire, ensuring they capture one’s attention while being truly unique. Each art piece that Alex creates is made from plywood and aluminium, which he then paints using up to 13 layers of paint to create the illusion of an aged patina.

To view a selection of Alex’s works, visit To purchase one of Alex’s artworks, contact Dylan Potocki at Potocki Paterson Art Gallery in Wellington: 022-694-3009.