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VPD Ethnic Creatives Scholarship

The Virtual Production Dojo – Ethnic Creatives Scholarship aims to empower and support the creatives from Ethnic Communities through talent development and upskilling for those either working in or entering the Screen, Media, Game Development, Emerging Digital Technology industries.

Virtual Production is becoming an integral part of the Production Pipelines by leveraging advances in computing and game engines. This cutting-edge technology gives rise to compelling photo-realism while locations from all over the world can be brought on stage through it, introduce digital human actors and motion capture animation and you have the perfect blend of technology to tell powerful narratives.

Applications close on 20th May 2022, Apply Now: VPD-Ethnic Creatives Scholarship | Virtual Production Dojo

We recently announced the Virtual Production Dojo Ethnic Creatives Scholarship to empower Ethnic Communities to explore their creativity and experience the emerging world of virtual production first-hand. It is available and open to global participants and offers up to 40% of fees coverage for successful applicants. Check your Eligibility today.

Virtual Production Dojo is excited to bring you two industry-ready Certificate Programs to take your creativity to the next level:
Both programs include Reallusion 3D Character Design and Animation perpetual license worth approximately $2000 USD.

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Graphic Monk Ltd

7 Apr 2022

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