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Florian Habicht's Woodenhead soundtrack & Woodenhead Reimagined gets double vinyl release

Woodenhead soundtrack
Each new Reimagined track is inspired by the original soundtrack of the film 'Woodenhead'.


Florian Habicht's Woodenhead original soundtrack is released on vinyl with a 12” EP of brand new "Woodenhead Reimagined" tracks. Bonus digital tracks are included on Bandcamp and streaming services. New artwork and photography created by Woodenhead director Florian Habicht and production designer and artist Teresa Peters is combined in a 16 page colour booklet with the album. The album is produced by Marc Chesterman, composer of the Woodenhead original soundtrack.

The ‘Reimagined’ artists are: Scott Mannion / Charlotte Yates / epsilon-blue / Mimi Gilbert / Demarnia Lloyd / Hermione Johnson / Chris Winter & Gram Antler / Ryan Smith / Jeff Holdaway / Somme / Jeremy Veal / Craig Sengelow / Sebastian Macaulay & Zoe Iannou / Shaun D Wilson.


Limited edition of 250 copies. See for details!


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Marc Chesterman

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28 Apr 2022