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White Room On Wheels

White Room On Wheels
Are the streets of Ōtautahi ready for the White Room On Wheels?


White Room on Wheels (WROW) is a bike + artists + a city = making art on the streets. 

Once upon a time there was an idea in an artists head, which grew and grew and grew, until it became a reality, well not quite yet.
The idea is to take art making to the street and make it more accessible to more people, by turning an electric cargo bike into a mobile art studio.
What’s more it would be available to anyone who wanted to make art.

If sucessful the WROW will support artists from The White Room Creative Space in Ōtautahi to use the city as one big creative space, and as the project develops the bike will be made available to artists, community groups, and anyone who wants to make art. It will also, play an important part in our Outreach Programme, enabling us to connect with and support a wide range of people experiencing barriers to participation in art and creative activities, and ensure that art making is equitable, inclusive and accessible to the people of Ōtautahi.

WROW has been selected as one of 15 projects, to receive match funding, and supported through the ‘Boost Ōtautahi’ campaign run by Boosted through their arts crowdfunding platform, with funding from Christchurch City Council, Creative New Zealand and the Rātā Foundation. Being part of 'Boost Ōtautahi' means we are a pedal closer to realising our goal of making art on the streets and in the public spaces of the city.


The intial idea came from artist Isaac Tait and was developed with The White Room Creative Space, to find ways of making art in public spaces to counter the impact of COVID restrictions. 

The White Room Creative Space was developed in late 2014 in response to a growing need to foster and develop the creative talent of people supported by SkillWise. With its own dedicated space, it has become an exciting and successful place where artists can explore and showcase their artistic potential.
The White Room advocates for the artists inclusion in contemporary arts practice through supporting their art making, participation in exhibitions and other creative projects.
Recently we have begun a new outreach programme, which aims to increase access to, and taking part in, creative activities for people in Ōtautahi who experience barriers to participation. 
Isaac Tait is an interdisciplinary artist, who has been using The White Room for the past three years. His initial idea for the project arose from the impact of not being able to access art and creative activities due to COVID restrictions. Having a way to make art that was not tied to a building provided a solution, one The White Room embraced and developed into the White Room On Wheels.


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The White Room Creative Space

30 May 2022