A poster with blue and yellow colours advertising Paper Jam
Arts Access Aotearoa / 13 Jan 2022
“We believe theatre is for everyone and want to do as much as we can to make it really accessible” says Paper Jam director Belinda Campbell.
Loneliness in Aotearoa / 26 Dec 2021
How did we get so lonely? New doco casts light on NZ's hidden problem
The cover (detail) of the poetry collection More than a roof
Arts Access Aotearoa / 21 Dec 2021
"There’s loads of people at Vincents who have words floating around, and also loads of people who have issues with housing," Glen Macdonald says.
Susan Williams on set for Illegally Blind
Arts Access Aotearoa / 7 Dec 2021
“We’re creating a show where accessibility is the opposite of what it usually is. Illegally Blind isn’t just accessible: it’s more accessible for blind and low vision people," says Susan Williams.