The iNDx  exhibition opened at Otago Museum on 13 October.
Arts Access Aotearoa / 14 Oct 2021
iNDx 2021 will feature in the museum’s Beautiful Science Gallery, which has digital projection facilities. It features the work of 30 autistic artists and runs until 10 December.
Stace Robertson and Erin Gough present a disability training workshop to staff at Arts Access Aotearoa. A TV screen has a photo of tee-shirts on the washing line and a heading "Cripping the script"
Arts Access Aotearoa / 14 Oct 2021
"Words, and how we used them, matter enormously. They can bring joy, comfort, knowledge and insights. They can also cause hurt and distress," blogs Richard Benge.
Art Room Gallery / 28 Sep 2021
All winning artists will receive a digital award certificate, First, second and third place will be largely displayed with an article about the artist and their work.
Arts Access Aotearoa / 17 Sep 2021
"I want to acknowledge Aucklanders experiencing level 4 lockdown: friends, artists, arts organisations and communities," writes Richard Benge in his latest blog