Govett-Brewster Art Gallery / 27 Jul 2021
New Plymouth’s Govett-Brewster Art Gallery has announced that Simon Gennard will join the Gallery as its Assistant Curator Contemporary Art and Collections from late August 2021.
Maisie Chilton reads her poetry as part of her exhibition Where does it hurt?
Arts Access Aotearoa / 22 Jul 2021
“I just hope that if people think, ‘Oh, I’d love to paint or write poetry but I’m not good enough’, I can encourage someone to try because it’s worth it,” says Maisie Chilton.
Leonie Aben, Prison Director of Hawkes Bay Regional Prison, collects Papa T's trophy on his behalf from Hon Kelvin Davis
Arts Access Aotearoa / 22 Jul 2021
The man who is known universally as Pāpā T is now a much-loved figure at Hawkes Bay Regional Prison, where he combines Level 2 reo Māori lessons with learning how to handle a taiaha.
Kyle Ellison, Pirika Taepa and Department of Corrections CEO Jeremy Lightfoot
Arts Access Aotearoa / 22 Jul 2021
For Kyle Ellison and Pirika Taepa, being given the opportunity to take part in a whakairo course has been life-changing, personally and for the tāne they work with at Hawkes Bay Regional Prison.
Richard Benge, Hone Fletcher, Bill Kaua, Lawrence Ereatara and Beth Hill
Arts Access Aotearoa / 22 Jul 2021
Hone Fletcher and Lawrence Ereatara are steeped in te ao Māori and it’s their deep knowledge that informs their work implementing the Māori Pathways programme at Hawke's Bay Regional Prison.
Hon Carmel Sepuloni presents award to Art East staff
Arts Access Aotearoa / 20 Jul 2021
“I’m a great believer in the need to replace any maladaptive behaviours with positive activities, behaviours and expression. For me, this can be achieved through the arts.”
Robyn Hunt presents the award to Circa's Accessibility Manager James Cain
Arts Access Aotearoa / 20 Jul 2021
Accessible performances in the arts are becoming increasingly the norm as more theatres and performing artists make a commitment to reaching audiences with hearing, vision and other disabilities.