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Michel Mulipola: Comic books & professional wrestling

01 May 2017
Don't Give Up You Day Job podcast series interviews comic book artist and professional wrestler, Michel Mulipola.

This week Bobby and Danny chat to Michel Mulipola, a comic book artist and a professional wrestler.  Their conversation covers a meandering exploration of his childhood dreams, comic books, wrestling, 13 Reasons Why, Comic-con, punching receipts, killing Superman and a lot more! 

We asked Michel to share a few tips with The Big Idea community:

What advice would you give someone wanting to pursue a similar career?

For anyone looking to pursue a career in comic books and illustration, I'm sorry to say that there are no shortcuts. You can't fake hard work and it is through hard work that you see success, whether they're big or small. Don't sit around and think about what you're going to do, get your hands dirty and just DO it!

What is the biggest challenge that you see for people seeking a career in the creative sector and how do you navigate that challenge?

One of the biggest challenges for people pursuing a career in the creative sector is how clients and other people undervalue your work. The arts are always deemed as hobbies and so people feel like they can exploit your passion into free or cheap work. Changing the mindset of non-creatives will never be an easy job but make sure that you add value to your work by producing high quality work on time. People will be willing to pay if they know they can trust your work.

What is the core belief that drives what you do?

One of the things that drives me is to always have fun in what I do. If I'm doing what I love, it'll never feel like work. My personal mantra though is "Do the work and don't be a dick."

How have you learned from failure in the course of your career?

Every single day, I am failing but failures are the keys to success. With every mistake I make, I take it as another learning opportunity. Understanding where you went wrong and what not to do next time allows for personal growth as a person and an artist. Everything is practice.

What is your number one tip for surviving and thriving in the creative industries?

The number one tip for surviving and thriving in the creative sector is to DO THE DAMNED WORK! Do the work, get it done on time and at a high standard and you build trust with your clientele. In turn, you will get more work and better pay as you build a reputation as an artist. Also with the internet readily available to everyone, it's never been easier to create an online presence for potential clients to check out. The more work you produce, the more you build your rep.

What has inspired you? Who or what keeps you going?

The medium of comic books is what inspired me to become an artist when I was a little kid. Everyday, I try to do the best by that little kid who had a big dream. Everyday, I love what I do. My partner's never ending patience and tolerance for my proclivities also keeps me going :)

Don't Give Up You Day Job is a podcast series created by Bobby Kennedy and Danny McCrum. They interview musicians, producers, actors, comedians, directors and more to give people an insight into the careers of creative professionals.  

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