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VIDEO: Making A Career Out Of Children’s Music

29 Apr 2024

WATCH: It's one of NZ's most unsung success stories - but Aotearoa's children's music scene is the envy of many countries. See why it's so important our stories are shared in song to the next generation. 

This video is made with the support of NZ on Air Public Interest Journalism Fund.

Everyone agrees – a child’s creativity must be nurtured. 

But when it comes to children’s music, many ‘grown-ups’ cringe at the thought.  All the usual stereotypes race to through their head – with nursery rhymes and repetitive will-sapping tunes with benign lyrics quickly coming to mind.

Children’s music artists often are asked “Do you play real music too?” – not given the same respect as their peers who perform for more mature audiences.

But the role they play in unlocking children’s imaginations, as well as teaching them lessons and values that are staunchly driven by Aotearoa-centric stories should not be underestimated.

Claudia Robin Gunn is one such singer/songwriter – and a damn good one. She’s got an international following, is in demand locally and is one of the finalists for a coveted Tūi Award for Best Children’s Music Artist alongside beetBITE and Captain Festus McBoyle.

She explains to The Big Idea why it’s so important and how New Zealand’s children’s music scene punches above its weight around the globe.