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Producer/ Production Manager

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Pointclickshootbang Films
12 Aug 2022
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Screen & Sound


For a while I have been making small corporate and website videos.  I have been doing  this as a one-man band (produce, write, shoot, edit, deliver), but have come to realise that since there is growing opportunities in this market, I want to work with someone and try and make it a bigger brighter more exciting thing! Someone in the producer /production manager role who knows the nuts and bolts side of things, and maybe also help grow this venture into something bigger.

Essentially, it would mean that instead of me being a one-man band, we would become a two-person team. (and in the future who knows how big it could grow)

I have many years experience in the film industry,  so experience in the film / video world is not at all essential, but some knowledge would be helpful. But what is more essential is that you are a “people” person who is confident about everything from cold calling new business to setting up meetings with clients, organizing crew and equipment when needed, and being a hands on producer on shooting days.

I’m not looking for an assistant, but rather someone who will become a partner. This would not suit you if you were only interested in this field as a stepping-stone to movies and or TV. But would definitely suit you if you can see the huge potential in this ever growing field.

It’s certainly not a fulltime gig (right now) - we would both only get paid on a job-by-job basis - and yep Covid happened and all that, but with things growing, there is no reason why our business couldn’t boom.

I am based in Auckland, so in all reality you would need to be a Jafa also.

If this sounds like it might be you, please feel free to write to me at and tell me a bit about yourself, and I'll give you more information about my website etc.

Update: I published this ad once before and ended up working with a great producer - but for personal reasons they have stepped away. Hence, I'm back looking again. So why not write to me and say "Hi" - You never know... it could be a the best email you write today ;)

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15 Jun 2022