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VIDEO: Write Them Off At Your Folly

06 Nov 2023

WATCH: Rejection sucks - but this trio of creative women show that when someone closes the door on you, the best answer is sometimes to kick down the wall and build your own door for others to enter.

This video is made with the support of NZ on Air Public Interest Journalism Fund.

When Emily Broadmore decided to start NZ’s newest literary journal, Folly, the word she kept hearing was ‘brave’. 

After all, they were “basically three women who nobody knew in the industry, who had no literary credibility.” And who, with no prior literary publishing experience, decided to create a brand new literary journal. 

Broadmore, fellow co-founder and Marketing Director Tiana Jones and Art Director Dana Turner, faced skepticism and patch protection in starting the journal. But none of that stopped them in their pursuit of a new kind of literary journal that they say embraces funny, silly and sexy writing that they feel hasn’t had a home in Aotearoa.

This is a story of rejection - met with the subtle skill of not taking no for an answer and sticking to your guns.